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Dear athletes, officials, practitioners and fans of Koshiki martial art sport, It is my great honor to send a message to all of you as a Chairman of World Koshiki Federation.

World koshiki federation will strive to unite all Koshiki athletes under one umbrella for a better promotion of our lovely and modern martial art sport. Recognition of national koshiki federations in different countries by their National Olympic Committees and government authorities is one of our priorities.

When we reach many national recognitions, we will be ready to enter big family of sports like GAISF or IOC.

Until then membership in GAAPSF, ISNO ,WSC, SRE for participation in New Sport Games, Combat Games and ISNO World Games, Global humanitarian Games etc. ISNO World Games that are announced for 2021 in Italy is our present priority.

Dear friends, It’s time to use the highest human knowledge and skills in different fields like sport and science, medicine and new technologies to improve the quality of our martial art sport. This will help koshiki be more attractive and healthier for its practitioners. I count on everyone of you to take responsibility and join me in this most important project to develop koshiki sports world wide.

65000+ Participants

WORLD KOSHIKI FEDERATION 65000+ total participants through out the worlds.

5000+ Fights

WORLD KOSHIKI FEDERATIONWe Provide koshiki tournaments where the world class koshiki black belt fighter participates and fight for the best.

100+ Tournaments

WORLD KOSHIKI FEDERATION Tournaments through out the worlds.

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